Another stunning day to hike the beautiful trails at Crawford Lake!
Street to Trail and West Neighbourhood House went on their first hike together and the partnership looks like it will be a strong one! The brave hikers and staff from West Neighbourhood House layered up and were not deterred by a forecasted low of -7°C. Everyone was ready to go on arrival and we hit the road just shortly after 10:30am.
The group became fast friends and once we were on the trail everyone was in great spirits. The hike started by heading down to take a look at the frozen lake and read up on its meromictic properties. Venturing from the lake to the lookout, it wasn’t long before we were noticing deer tracks and then we spotted a group of 4 or 5 deer not too far off the trail!
We enjoyed lunch looking over Nassagaweya Canyon, with homemade cookies from the management team back at The Meeting Place (Thank you – they were delicious!), and plenty of laughs and storytelling.
Finally, we took time to explore the Haudenosaunee longhouses and learn more about maple sugar and syrup making before piling back into the van and grabbing a Timmies for the drive back.
Thanks for the great day, West Neighbourhood House! Looking forward to next time!

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