Come together. Get outside.

Join us for our upcoming 2023 Annual General Meeting.
Thursday, June 22 at 7 p.m. Register on our Eventbrite.

6,600 people live in Toronto homeless shelters; hundreds more live on the city streets. 79,000 names sit on the waitlist for subsidized housing. We think these people deserve a breath of fresh air.

How we work

We use a partnership model, providing customized hikes to agencies working with homeless and marginally housed adults in Toronto. Our program leaders are experts in both social community development and outdoor safety and stewardship.

Why We Matter

We are Toronto‚Äôs only wilderness-based organization for marginalized adults. We believe that providing access to wilderness helps people rediscover their self-worth, increase their confidence, and connect to others in the community.  We know that regular access to nature improves lives with its power to feed mind, body and soul.

How you can help

We rely on the donations of individuals like you to keep our programs operational.


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