About Us

Our Mission

Street to Trail (S2T) strives to decrease barriers for marginalized adults in Toronto by increasing their accessibility to nature. Through day hikes and multi-day camping excursions outside of the city, S2T enables participants to build self-confidence and community while receiving the physical and mental health benefits of nature.

What We Do

We use a partnership model, providing customized hikes to agencies working with adults experiencing homelessness and marginalization in Toronto, including Sistering, WoodGreen Community Services, Native Men’s Residence (Na-Me-Res), Houselink Community Homes, West Neighbourhood House, YWCA Toronto, Christie-Ossington Neighbourhood Centre and Homes First Society.

We offer monthly hikes to each partner agency, totaling over 200 participants per year. Popular destinations include Crawford Lake, where hikers visit a reconstructed longhouse village and learn about local First Nations history, and during Covid-19, High Park, a beautiful natural escape in Toronto. We also offer accessible canoe and camping trips. Our program leaders are experts in both social community development and outdoor safety and stewardship.

“You get out onto the trail and it gives people time to think, to clear their heads. It gives you a break from whatever may be keeping you down in the city.”


Why We Matter

We are Toronto’s only wilderness-based organization for marginalized adults. We believe that providing access to wilderness activities and skills helps individuals rediscover their inner sense of worth, increase their self-confidence, and better connect to others in the community. We know that regular access to nature improves lives with its inherent power to feed an individual’s mind, body and soul.

Our History

S2T started as a grassroots organization in 2001 with initial support coming from inner city drop-ins including those run by St. James Cathedral and Metropolitan United Church. In 2005, charitable status was granted by the Canada Revenue Agency. In 2017, we revitalized our approach, offering unique curated services directly to Toronto agencies that work with homeless and marginalized adults.