I half expected the day to be called off before arriving at The Meeting Place for our group from West Neighbourhood House, as the forecast was calling for all day rain, but not these folks! Not only did we carry on with the trip, but the van was completely full of new and familiar faces excited to get on the trails!
The hazy skies and pitter patter of rain on the leaves while we hiked Mt. Nemo Conservation Area added a certain ambience to the trip, a special camaraderie that can only be born from muddy trails.
One of our returning hikers shared this beautiful poem that she wrote upon returning to the city from our last excursion describing the yellow leaves of Beech trees that hang on until spring. Thank you for sharing and excited to see you all again on April 24th.

Golden sails of leaves
Almost wrapping me
Forever at eye level
Deep in the tree trunk sea



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