Street to Trail Log – May 18th, 2018

Our group from Sistering wasn’t huge but it was strong!

We made our way to Mt. Nemo conservation area for a beautiful hike along the steep, rocky cliff sides of the Niagara Escarpment. We shared knowledge together about birds, plants and animals and some folks collected a few bunches of Dandelion greens to take home.

It seemed that around every corner was another perfect photo opportunity with the clear blue skies and a view all the way back to Toronto. After eating lunch looking over fields and across to Rattlesnake Point and Crawford Lake we made our way back to the van.

What a beautiful day, Sistering. See you again in June! 

Street to Trail Log – May 17th, 2018

Our first hike with Homes First was an absolute blast! The group of hikers were incredibly patient and supportive of one another as we made our way along the more difficult sections of trail. Everyone was ready for the break by the time we made it to our lunch spot at the Nassagaweya Canyon Lookout point.

Homes First provided some delicious lunches that had our group feeling satisfied and fuelled to continue along to the serene Crawford Lake. We walked the boardwalk through the cedar groves all the way around the lake before heading to explore the Haudenosaunee Village. We were fortunate to join a tour of the village and had some experts of our own to really give some valuable knowledge to the group.

Everyone was pretty exhausted on the drive back but spoke very highly of the trip and it seemed that many were looking forward to joining us again in June! Thanks for a great day, Homes First!

Street to Trail Log – May 15th, 2018

Another grey and misty day with our friends from Woodgreen but the group was all smiles as we made our way to Hilton Falls for a beautiful hike.

We began by walking along the steep edges of the reservoir, trying to count the perched Turkey Vultures who seemed to follow us along the trail. We observed a small waterfall at the top of the lake before making our way through the woods to main attraction: Hilton Falls.

When we made it to the falls we unloaded our picnic lunch and got a small fire started to warm us up before walking down to the base of the falls.

Many stories were shared and pictures taken as we made our way back to the van.

Thanks again, Woodgreen!


Street to Trail Log – March 27, 2018

I half expected the day to be called off before arriving at The Meeting Place for our group from West Neighbourhood House, as the forecast was calling for all day rain, but not these folks! Not only did we carry on with the trip, but the van was completely full of new and familiar faces excited to get on the trails!

The hazy skies and pitter patter of rain on the leaves while we hiked Mt. Nemo Conservation Area added a certain ambience to the trip, a special camaraderie that can only be born from muddy trails.

One of our returning hikers shared this beautiful poem that she wrote upon returning to the city from our last excursion describing the yellow leaves of Beech trees that hang on until spring. Thank you for sharing and excited to see you all again on April 24th.

Golden sails of leaves
Almost wrapping me
Forever at eye level
Deep in the tree trunk sea



Street to Trail Log – March 6, 2018

What a blast of a day with Sagatay!

Street to Trail and the Sagatay program at NaMeRes embarked on a thrilling adventure to Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. The energy with the men on this trip was high from the get-go and it didn’t seem to slow down much until we arrived back in the city at the end of the day.

It didn’t seem like any element of the park would be left unexplored with this group! And by the end of the day we had walked a majority of the trails, climbing up along ridges, onto and under trees, and getting some great waterfall views. There was never a dull moment as we laughed our way through the woods and meadows of Forks of the Credit, swapping stories and enjoying the freshness of the air in the cedar groves.

Thanks for another amazing day! Looking forward to getting back out on the trail with you!




Street to Trail Log – February 26, 2018

What an outstanding day for a hike! Clear blue, sunny skies and unseasonably warm temperatures had our group from Woodgreen smiling from pick up to drop off.

We tackled the more challenging section of trail first and made our way to edge of the escarpment, carefully navigating the mud and ice covered rocks. Nearly all the snow had melted so we enjoyed the “sneak peak” at a spring landscape and spectacular views across the Nassagaweya Canyon.

Our group shared knowledge and stories as we walked the trail and made our way to the boardwalk surrounding Crawford Lake. Everyone enjoyed a sample of Maple sap from the collection buckets before walking the grounds of the Iroquoian Village.

We all shared our favourite parts of the day while enjoying coffees on the way home. Thanks for another great hike, Woodgreen, looking forward to seeing you again on March 20th!



Street to Trail Log – February 13, 2018

Another stunning day to hike the beautiful trails at Crawford Lake!

Street to Trail and West Neighbourhood House went on their first hike together and the partnership looks like it will be a strong one! The brave hikers and staff from West Neighbourhood House layered up and were not deterred by a forecasted low of -7°C. Everyone was ready to go on arrival and we hit the road just shortly after 10:30am.

The group became fast friends and once we were on the trail everyone was in great spirits. The hike started by heading down to take a look at the frozen lake and read up on its meromictic properties. Venturing from the lake to the lookout, it wasn’t long before we were noticing deer tracks and then we spotted a group of 4 or 5 deer not too far off the trail!

We enjoyed lunch looking over Nassagaweya Canyon, with homemade cookies from the management team back at The Meeting Place (Thank you – they were delicious!), and plenty of laughs and storytelling.

Finally, we took time to explore the Haudenosaunee longhouses and learn more about maple sugar and syrup making before piling back into the van and grabbing a Timmies for the drive back.

Thanks for the great day, West Neighbourhood House! Looking forward to next time!


Street to Trail Log – December 4, 2017

Our enthusiastic group of voyageurs from Woodgreen today was ready to go on arrival. Sandwiches and pack lunches were ready and everyone helped out in loading the necessities into the van.

Our hike took us along about 5km of the Bruce Trail and its side trails through the Mt. Nemo Conservation area. Our group was inspired by the views and humbled by the quiet of the forest. We spotted a Downy Woodpecker (pictured below) and our volunteer and Board Member, David, pointed out lots of interesting evidence of woodpeckers in the trees.

We all shared stories as we walked along the edge of the escarpment enjoying fresh air and sweeping views of field and forest. When we parted ways back in Toronto, everyone expressed an interest in joining us again on our next hike.

Downy Woodpecker

See you then Woodgreen!

Street to Trail Log – October 30, 2017

The cool morning air wasn’t enough to scare off our participants from Woodgreen this morning. Our small group left the city in search of the fresh air and quiet calm of the forested trails at Rattlesnake Point.

We took our time on our 4 km hike, swapping stories while marveling at the views along the escarpment’s edge. The sun broke through the clouds and the group enjoyed a perfect autumn day in southern Ontario. The group really connected in the silence of the woods, appreciating how wonderfully refreshing it is to escape the city sounds and smells. Our van ride back was quiet, aside from the classic rock radio station and a request for a Tim Hortons stop, but it was the quiet of folks feeling tired and relaxed after a good day out in nature.

Street to Trail Log – October 10, 2017

Today was a perfect autumn day for hike in Ontario. Street to Trail arrived at NaMeRes to gather the men from Sagatay and head out to Crawford Lake together.

The forecast called for a balmy 25 degree high and the sky was clear and blue, this pleasant weather perfectly matched the high energy of the Sagatay residents when we arrived at our location. The group moved quickly along this section of the Bruce Trail and we stopped for lunch at the scenic lookout taking in the views of the changing fall leaves across the Nassagaweya Canyon.

We continued on our hike through quiet forested paths with the front of the group laughing away with Sagatay staff, Chris and Dakota, and those towards the back learning about indigenous plants and their uses from The Stop staff, Joce. Having completed about 7 kms of hiking and circumnavigating the calm shores of Crawford Lake, we wandered through the Haudenosaunee Village, explored the longhouses and worked up a sweat playing Lacrosse behind the palisade walls.

The group headed back to the city tired but in good spirits and looking forward to their next excursion with Street to Trail