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Come Together. Get Outside.

Street to Trail: Bringing the benefits of wilderness and community to homeless and marginalized adults in Toronto.

Our Mission

Street to Trail (S2T) is a non-profit, charitable organization that strives to decrease barriers and increase accessibility to wilderness activities for marginalized adults in Toronto. Through flexible programming, ranging from day hikes to multi-day camping excursions, S2T provides participants the opportunity to build self-confidence and community while simultaneously receiving the physical and mental health benefits of nature.

About Street to Trail Association
Street to Trail uses a partnership model, providing customized hikes to agencies working with homeless and marginally housed adults in Toronto, including Sistering, WoodGreen, NaMeRes, Houselink, West Neighbourhood House, and Homes First. In 2018 we averaged at least one hike per month with each agency, for a yearly total of 266 hiking participants. In the Fall of 2018 we co-hosted two overnight camping trips and hope to offer more canoe and camping excursions in 2019, taking advantage of our generously donated remote property on Snowshoe Island.

We believe that providing access to wilderness activities and skills helps individuals rediscover their inner sense of worth, increases self-confidence, and connect to therapeutic feelings of peace and calm in a natural environment. Our staff is highly trained in both outdoor leadership skills and social service experience.

We rely on the generous funding of individuals like you to keep our programs operational. Transportation is the single biggest expense for our activities. A $50 gift funds one participant on a hike, $250 covers the cost of transportation for up to 15 people on a day hike, while a $1,000 gift funds five adventurous participants and a partner agency staff on a two-day camping trip. Of course, we welcome a gift in any amount that feels right to you.


Our annual financial statements are available upon request.


Board of Directors

Chair of the Board Denton Creighton
Treasurer Julita Tyszewicz
Director at Large Adam Hamovitch
Director at Large Laura Levin
Director at Large Dana Mandowsky